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Helping Us

Thank you for your interest in helping to support our organization.
Monetary donations are always appreciated and go a long way in supporting our organization. All monies we collect are used to directly support the program.We understand that this is not always an option, but any assistance offered is greatly appreciated.
There are many ways you can help us, below is a list of items and services we are in current need of. If you can donate any of these parts or services, they would be graciously accepted.
We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. You maybe able to take tax advantages by helping us. Please be sure to check with your tax advisor.
We are in need of subject experts below, to donate their time to come and assist us with these needs.
Should you like to speak to us about any help you can offer, please contact us at:

We have received our Silver Status for Non-Profits on Candid